Wednesday, June 20, 2012

VoiceThread: The Color Purple

[By Kenton Rambsy]

The visual reception and relationship between a particular book cover and the content of that novel plays a significant role in how larger audience regard the social context of a particular work. Specifically, Alice Walker’s 1982 novel The Color Purple has been a film, a radio broadcast mini-series in Britain as well as a Broadway musical. Certainly, the various iterations of The Color Purple as a novel covers and movie create distinct impressions about the work and Walker.

Below, take a look at the compilation and provide comments on your impressions of the artistic design, the novel, the movie, and Walker as a writer.


  1. The novel covers with women on the front alert the audience to the racial and gender dynamics of the work. However, the other covers with rural settings and old houses suggest themes that relate to time and place. I think the ranging novel covers may confirm or challenge an audience’s initial bias.

    1. Good point. I have yet to read this classic; i wonder what ties the sunflower has with the work. Is the sunflower misleading or appropriate for a cover image?