Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black Studies and Digital Humanities: A Growing List of Online Resources

[Compiled by Kenton Rambsy & Goyland Williams]

I am interested in online mediums, blogs in particular, can be used as a space to think through ideas when preparing larger publications, getting immediate feedback, and simply giving larger audiences access to new ideas and information.  In terms of bridging the gap between “Digital Humanities” and “Black Studies,” developing an online presence is crucial. Online websites concerning black culture serve as points of entry for how wider audiences engage in scholarship about African American life and history.

Below, this list constitutes the growing “digital resources” by professors, public figures, collective groups, and institutions that can be used to discuss and study issues in Black Studies. Ranging from the personal blog of Professor Adam Banks and rhetorical matters to digital archives of HistoryMakers, the innovative means by which social networking and online mediums are used to create and shape conversations about black culture is noteworthy. 


Individual Scholars/Public Figures Blogs

Talking Book Blog—Prof. Adam Banks

Collective Group Blogs

Institutional Digital Archives


  1. Thanks for this blog. It is a watershed moment in the evolving of "critical" critical discourses.

    Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

  2. Thanks for your grateful informations, this blogs will be really help for students blogs.